Hi all

Welcome back to school. We are looking forward to seeing all of our families next Wednesday and settling in to a positive and productive 2021.

Whilst there has been some easing of COVID19 related restrictions, we are still required to meet the Department for Education and Health SA protocols.

COVID19 restrictions for start of Term 1 2021:

The following activities can resume/ continue providing government health advice and physical distancing requirements are strictly followed:

–          Parents, volunteers, departmental support and other service providers may enter school and preschool grounds

–          Camps and excursions (intrastate)

–          All school sport competitions, sports days and carnivals, including inter-school competitions

–          Inter-school choirs, bands and other performing art activities

–          Professional learning activities

–          Hygiene stations have been set up

–          During the day cleaning will continue.

–          Strict protocols remain in place for the preparation and serving of food

It is important that we stay prepared to respond to the fast changing nature of the pandemic and will keep you informed of any DfE updates as soon as possible.

While parents/ caregivers and families are invited to be on school grounds we must still maintain that parents are not to enter classrooms or to congregate in contained areas such as verandas or hallways.

This is to ensure that we can maintain the 2m social distancing required.

Similarly, while the 2m restriction is in place we will not be able to have community attend assemblies in the gym.

We are very pleased that the easing of restrictions means that the GOPS community can reconnect on school grounds and trust that families will adhere to the protocols listed above.

Each school/ community event for 2021 will be planned according to the advice of the day.


Garry North




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